Moving Image

Jewellery - 7 Tomatoes

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1. Fashion and Textiles 40 Minute project


These videos are more performance based perhaps than fashion but we wanted to portray the constriction of society being challenged and what happens when it is released in form of clothing representing our true colourful identity.

ARCHITECTURE Movement of the structure

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Fashion Communication Loop 08/10

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2. Walking into the light


Walking out into the light was also meant to represent the 'true colours' being shown almost like a spotlight for self expression. Monochrome clothing on the outside was supposed to represent that constriction made by society which is creating through labelling people, prejudice etc. I personally prefer the first video as there we also used a space which was filled with labels (shop) and there challenged the label that is put onto us by taking out the colour on the inside.

Illustration Animation Final Outcome

Graphic Communication LIFE | DEATH stop motion video

FINE ART Collection Project

Comments on the Fine Art video

I put together the audio and the objects that people spoke about together. I made it so neither is completely clear because I found that when these people revealed the object to me it was often something I would just skip past perhaps it being something every day such as a ring. We never really stop and ask about the meaning behind person's belongings even when it can be eye catching. The audio also overlapped with other people speaking about their story at the same time. I wanted it to be a little more interactive as this asked the viewer to listen more intently as well as perhaps trying to look out for the object in the fast moving slide show. This made the viewer use their senses more to put together image with narrative. I think often these two things are misplaced. We make our own presumptions and our imagination fills the gaps of the unknown.